Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to my head...

Welcome all to the "Church" of Mike.. Now for all that is expecting this to be a Church blog, sorry to dissapoint ya. Yeah I am not a "Follower" of any kind. Makes no sense to in the first place, but hey whatever makes others happy and in their zen..Not for me. I mean if all is going to hell for being a sinner and hell is full of sins....then I am going to have a blast!!! That would be vacation forever. But since I am real then thats all crap. Heaven, Hell.....Bunch of shit in my opinion. Once we die then thats it.. Nothing more nothing less..Now some are going to say "Well what about ghost"? And I only have to say the mind is a powerfull thing. Hell womens minds can tell them that they are pregnant and they will believe that so much that their body's go through the changes of a pregnant woman. Then when they realize they are not and never was...Well they go and cut a child out of another womans whomb..Well in some cases. Seems like that has been a fad here in the past years, but I'm sure it happens all the time. Hell I thought I have seen a ghost in my life. I'm sure it was just my mind wanting to see one, or something that told me my father was still around me. Now days not so sure but hey, I still get to hold on to that in my mind. I think I can live with one key word. "Hope" not to follow but just to have and know that there is always more.

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